About Us

Welcome to the DGBHS Alumni Association (DExSA) webpage! We are proud to serve as a platform for reconnecting, networking, and supporting the alumni of our esteemed high school.

Established in 1984, our Alumni Association aims to foster lifelong connections among our graduates while providing opportunities to give back to the community and support the current students of our alma mater. We strive to create a strong and thriving network of successful individuals who can inspire and guide the next generation.

Our Goals

1. Connecting our Alumni: We endeavor to establish and maintain meaningful connections among our alumni through various events, reunions, and online platforms. By staying connected, we can celebrate each other's achievements, share experiences, and support one another in personal and professional endeavors.

2. Supporting Current Students: We believe in giving back to our high school community. Through our association, we provide scholarships, mentorship programs, internships, and career guidance to help prepare today's students for a successful future. By leveraging the expertise and experiences of our alumni, we can make a positive impact on the lives of current students.

3. Celebrating Achievements: Our Alumni Association proudly acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of our former students. Whether it's through our online platforms, newsletters, or annual ceremonies, we aim to recognize and honor the diverse achievements of our alumni, including their professional, academic, artistic, or community contributions.

4. Providing Continued Learning Opportunities: We understand the importance of lifelong learning. Our association organizes seminars, workshops, and panel discussions featuring alumni speakers, industry experts, and prominent personalities. By doing so, we foster continuous personal and professional development within our alumni community.

5. Strengthening Alumni-Student Bonds: We strive to build strong relationships between our alumni and current students. Through various events like career fairs, networking sessions, and alumni guest lectures, we aim to enable meaningful interactions. By bridging the gap between generations, we inspire, motivate, and guide the current students towards their future goals.

Stay Connected

In this digital era, staying connected has never been easier. We encourage all alumni to update their contact information on our website to ensure they receive alumni-related updates, newsletters, and event invitations. Additionally, follow us on social media platforms to stay engaged with the Alumni Association's news, events, and success stories.